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Horsinalities Veterans Bootcamp

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Engaging Heroes With Horses

The Horsinalities Veterans Bootcamp program develops confidence and trust in veterans as they work with rescued horses. The veterans meet once a week to participate in a fun and
challenging program of drills and exercises resulting in regained inner strength
while developing unique connections between humans and horses. This program also
helps them to relax, bond, and connect with the horses that mirror them. 

We provide this program to veterans for free. 

To join the program, call Annette at 760-880-8954 or email her at

We fuel this program through grants, donations, and sponsorships.

If you're interested in helping us make a difference in the lives of veterans,

please visit our sponsorship page.

Horsinalities Veterans Bootcamp Video 

Tune in to watch more videos on our Vimeo channel!


"Personally, I am extremely grateful for this program, the people involved with it, and CVHR as a whole. The faculty and volunteers at CVHR have assisted me and others in constructively dealing with the stress and symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and in overcoming the grief that stems from military combat service.


The Horsinalities Boot Camp program has given me a new outlook on life, which has allowed for me to persevere through the grieving process, learn to trust people again, and take a step forward in the right direction. This support system has been irreplaceable and has given me the strength and focus needed to go back to school, grieve the loss of my mother, become a mentor, and graduate with honors. I get to be of service again today, and that gift is more precious to me than gold!"


- Sean Harrington

"I was fortunate to hear about the Horsinalities Boot Camp at the Coachella Valley Horse Rescue ranch and attended a 4-week pilot program in November of 2017.  As Annette jokes, “I never stopped coming.”  


As a Purple Heart Vietnam Veteran, l felt an immediate connection with the rescue horses. My pain and scars mimicked a lot of what the horses have felt in their lives and the bond  between us was so strong. I am a deep believer in the Veterans program.  Since that initial 4 weeks, I trained with Annette and Dave to be a mentor for new Vets coming into the program. I love what it has done for me  and thoroughly enjoy watching Veterans get the same emotional support for these beautiful animals that I love and have connected with."

- Bill Terranova

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