Riding Lessons

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Come and let us show you the ropes! The CVHR offers riding lessons for youth development and for adults at our facility. In this program, we will teach you everything from how to properly catch a horse to how to ride at various speeds. The horses we use for lessons are trained rescue horses. This program is designed so that people of all ages and sizes can build confidence, trust, and compassion with not only the horse, but within themselves as well. 

We teach all ages. We require a minimum of 1 hour of training and a maximum of 2 hours, depending upon the age of the learner.

Pricing & Fees

Annual registration fee:


Group Riding Lessons:

$45 per person for a two-person lesson

Private Riding Lessons

$65 for a private individual lesson

To schedule lessons, call Annette at 760-880-8954 or email her at rescuedirector@cvhorserescue.org