Meet the horses

These are the horses we are currently caring for at our ranch. We have horses that are looking for their forever homes as well as program horses that serve in our community outreach efforts.  

See their photos and get to know their lovely personalities below.  


Visit our Adopted Horses page to see some of the horses that we've successfully trained, rehabilitated, and placed in their forever homes.

Please contact us if you have any interest or questions about adoption or sponsorship

Thelma &


These two best friends came to use in 2019. Louise is a 11-year-old mule and Thelma is a 4-year-old miniature horse.  Thelma is bossy and Louise is shy. They both had a rough start in life but they are now living their best life together! Their fun personalities have led them to become our ambassadors. They love being in the spotlight and engaging with the community.

Program Horses

Thelma Louise Best friendsv2.jpg


Dakoda came from a feedlot in Fallon, Nevada where we outbid the kill buyers were trying to purchase her for horse meat.  She was a two year old appendix (quarter horse x thoroughbred) mare who was wild and feral and extremely shy. She had been hobbled and branded by barbed wire and now has horrific scars. She was untouchable and afraid of halters and ropes. Today, Dakoda is now 6 years old and a fantastic program horse for veterans. We have trained her from the ground up to be completely safe around kids and adults. 

Program Horse



Buttercup is a 13-year-old Palimino "miracle". She has overcome so many challenges in her life. She was starved and neglected, kept in a dog pen. We were her 9th home in 9 years. Today she is thriving at CVHR, putting smiles on many faces as she helps out in the veteran program and riding lessons. She has a purpose and she is loved here. 

Pending Adoption



Oreo is a 9-year-old miniature horse. She loves to perform and be involved in all the activity at the rescue. She will follow you anywhere and loves to play. She is the rescue mascot with her sparkling personality. 

Program Horse



Smokey is a 20-year-old Missouri Foxtrotter gelding. Smokey is a sweet and easy-going soul. He has been out on many trails.  

Smokey is looking for his forever home and would be a great companion horse.

Program Horse

photogenic smoky oct 2011 .jpg


Misty is a 33-year-old mare. She is sweet and loved by all. Misty was a lesson horse English and Western and had a wonderful long life  teaching kids how to ride.  She can be considered shy at times but when she gets to know you she gives you 100% of her heart. She is not rideable at this time due to her age and arthritis.

Available for Adoption. Contact us for more details!



Clay is a 7-year-old quarter horse/ Friesian black gelding. Clay is Fenix' half brother and arrived at the rescue at the same time. Likewise, he is also named after a Marine hero.

He was dominant and starved when he arrived. He was pushy and would bite. Now he is sweet and loved by veterans and volunteers alike. He loves attention and is learning tricks.



Pending Adoption



Flash is a diamond in the rough. As a 4-year-old colt rescued from slaughter, he is full of life and energy. He's a spunky little buckaroo! 

Available for Adoption. Contact us for more details!

CVHR-new_colt-2015 (5).jpg


Sassy is a sweet and stunning 8-year-old. She absolutely loves people and she loves to do tricks and be ridden. As such, she is involved in many of our programs with the community. 

Program Horse



Dundee is a 12-year-old Missouri Foxtrotter. He is one of the sweetest souls you'll ever meet. Dundee is recovering from EPM and a neurological disorder. His gentle spirit shines through to touch the hearts of many. He has helped transform the lives of those who come through our veteran and children's programs. 

Available for Adoption. Contact us for more details!



At 22 years old, Sundae is a delight who will melt your heart. Her nature is "sweet like ice cream" and she is a true people-lover. She connects easily and tons to everyone she meets! She helps out with our lessons and programs.

Program Horse



This 14-year-old miniature mule bring lots of life to the rescue. Scooter was wild, and as such he is shy and dominant. Scooter needs a very experienced person to work with him. He doesn't play well with other horses.

Pending Adoption

Scooter Dominent_Shy.jpeg


Skeeter is also 14 years old. Skeeter and Scooter were rescued together. A very kind person saved them from starvation by brining them to CVHR. Skeeter is also shy and dominant. He plays well with other horses and is trusting. He is responding well to his training!

Pending Adoption


Momma maddy

Maddy is a shy 9-year-old miniature horse who helps out a lot with our community outreach and fundraising events. She is fiercely loyal to her baby, June, and will never be parted from her. That dedicated spirit also means that once she trusts you, you will have her whole heart. 

Program Horse

momma Maddy doing a horse painting for c

June bug

Baby June Bug is 6 years old, and our tiniest miniature at the rescue. She loves to tag along with Momma Maddy and Oreo as they go out for long walks around the ranch together, giving affection and horse therapy to all. She might be young in age, but she's really an old soul.


Program Horse

Momma Maddy with daughter Baby june Bug


Riley is a lovable 28-year-old horse who helps with our lessons and programs. He gives kisses, lays down, bows and lots more. Riley is very friendly and loves everyone.

Program Horse

Riley our biggest leader on the


Jazzy has been kissing people since she was just 3 days old. So, it's only natural that she helps out at our kissing booth during events. She is also quite a leader and helps out with lessons and programs. 

Program Horse

Jazzy at our Open House.jpeg


Stella is a beautiful 10 year old thoroughbred mare rehabilitating from a previous injury.  She loves attention and has become best friends with her horse next to her Sundae. Stella is not rideable at this time. She enjoys going for walks and stopping for some grass along the way. She is very inquisitive and has a big heart!

Available for Adoption.
Contact us for more details!



Bella is a fourteen year old welsh mountain pony and is owned by the rescue director. When we got Bella, she was totally shy and unapproachable. Today, she is sweet and desensitized. She is a confident little pony to ride. We use Bella as a lesson and program horse. The kids have fun with her and love her very much. Because of Bella's size, she helps build and regain confidence in our programs if a person is afraid of horses. She is a great stepping stone to working with larger horses. The smaller kids ride her in lessons and for birthday parties. 

Program Horse