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some of our Adopted horses

We work hard to find safe and loving forever homes for the horses we rescue. Since 2009, we have loved, trained, and adopted over 80 horses, ponies, minis, and other animals. 

Some of our
rescued horses

Angel, Anna, Baby, Baby June Bug, Beauty, Bella#1, Bella#2, BigRed, Blaze, Brandy, Buttercup, Cherokee, Cheyanne, Chief, Chinook, Cisco, Clay, Cloe, Cloud, Cowboy Charlie, Dakoda, Deco, Dexter, Dundee, Fabio, Fancy, Fenix, Flash, Frank, Ginger, Glory, Hanna, Honey, India, Jack, Jasper, Jeanie, Jessy, Jill, Jody, Journey, Leo, Louise, Lucy, Luna, Mack, Magnolia, Maisey, MamaMaddy, Manny, Misty, Nita, Oreo, Paco, Paloma, Paris, Pirate, Princess, Queeny, Rain, Rebel, RJ, Rosie, Rusty, Salute, Sassy, Savvy#1, Savvy#2, Scooter, Scout, Shadow, Skeeter, Smitty, Smoky, Sophie, Spirit, Star, Stella, Stetson, Storm, Sugar, Sundae, Tawney, Thelma, Thunder, Willow

rescued &

Adopted Dogs

Buddy, Cookie, Marge, Ranger, Roxy, and Trooper

In Loving memory

Cowboy Charlie, Deco, Misty, Savvy #2, and Storm

Storm miss you.jpg

A dedication to Storm

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