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It is official! With the full support of our wonderful board and our loving, long-time donors, we are happy to announce Come Back Ranch Animal Sanctuary as an extension of Coachella Valley Horse Rescue’s services.


Come Back Ranch is a dream that started 15 years ago when the CV Mounted Rangers redirected their efforts toward saving horses from slaughter, abandonment, and neglect. Over the years Rescue Program Director, Annette Garcia, and President, Dave DiMeno, have worked tirelessly at helping horses recover from trauma so that they can be adoptable and find loving forever homes. CV Horse Rescue has long been looking for a property near our existing location to get horses to cooler temperatures and provide life fulfilling sanctuary options for some of our older, un-adoptable horses. 

When the opportunity opened in Eagar, Arizona, it was nothing short of miraculous. Now we will be  able to continue our existing programs where we gratefully reside, thanks to Coachella Valley Recreation District, while placing older, un-adoptable horses on a property that has mild winters and much cooler summers with acres of grass to graze.Come Back Ranch Animal Sanctuary is a dream fueled by Rescue Program Director, Annette Garcia and President Dave DiMeno.


“We are incredibly overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude to see this happening. When I think how much we have accomplished and have overcome, after being told by many that we would never make it, is beyond words. My heart is bursting as I watch us grow and provide hope for these horses and the people they touch through our programs.”

Come Back Ranch Animal Sanctuary is in Eager, Arizona on 20 acres of grassy, juniper-rich property backed up to hundreds of acres of national forest. It overlooks a community that has already shown warm support in recognition of the value the organization will bring. Eagar, Arizona is home to many military veterans anxious to get involved in our Horsinalities® Veterans Bootcamp program.

While the launch is official, we have much to do to make this dream a reality. The property comes with housing, but not for the animals. Fencing and barn structures will need to be built to create a safe place for the horses and animals prior to their move. We hope you will join us in this new adventure in whatever capacity you can, so you can be a part of what has already been an incredible story of hope, love, and purpose.

If you'd like to help Come Back Ranch Animal Sanctuary, please scroll to select Come Back Ranch Animal Sanctuary when making your donation.  

Are you interested in volunteer opportunities?

Download this form, fill it out and bring it with you to the ranch.

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Come Back Ranch Animal Sanctuary, located in Eagar, AZ. 

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